Who needs 360 VR Tour and Google Street View?

It is well known that the world today is changing for the better. There are many emerging technologies to meet the needs and help people become more comfortable. Not even the Internet behavior and online media of consumers today are changing. Which has turned to almost all online channels In addition, the government and private sectors have adapted to keep up with the times. Therefore, in the latter sector, many businesses should not be missed as well.

As mentioned above, everything is almost 100% online, and we, as a provider of 360 VR Tour and Google Street View updates, want to provide business owners with information and advice. That is not just a step after someone But it’s a step ahead of all with virtual reality technology that is one of the more powerful marketing tools and cost-effective marketing tools. It also reduces the problem. Increase credibility and decision-making And meet the needs of convenience for our customers

Let’s take a look at who or what businesses should have their own 360 VR Tour or Google Street View!

Real Estate

Real estate owners or even investment property owners. Houses and condos, whether for sale or rent, should have a 360 VR Tour, as 360 VR Tour has many benefits. Especially in terms of cost-effectiveness in marketing, 360 VR Tour is a marketing tool that is more cost-effective than anyone else. It’s easy, convenient, and saves time and money. It also gives an opportunity to close sales / rentals. Before customers even come to the place Which we guarantee with feedback from customers who choose to use our service Worth not worth thinking!

Cafe/ Coffee shop

As for coffee shop owners or other chic cafes who, in addition to having to do 360 VR Tour, the update to Google Street View that can be seen inside the store is a marketing tool. Which helps to promote to the target group 2 times as much as it also helps build confidence as well


The atmosphere and excellent service is one that catches the attention of the target audience. And of course, just a normal picture might not be enough, 360 VR Tour is the best answer. And even better if you do Google Street View at the same time! Because it can attract attention well It helps to see the environment and atmosphere in the restaurant as real. It also ensures that the restaurant is still open and real. Ready for customers to come to taste the taste and enjoy the atmosphere from the real place soon


360 VR Tour is one of the key tools to make it easier for customers to decide to use the service. Also, because healthy young people will need a machine and equipment that is complete or suitable for their own exercise habits. And of course, when there is a 360 VR Tour that can visit the place in real time. It would have to be better and can help customers have confidence and make quick decisions on the service.

Car Showroom

In the car showroom, the 360 VR Tour is much more than a tour that takes us through the showroom. In order to build confidence and show the service center’s potential, 360 VR Tour can also add detailed information about the models that we are selling. You can say that the tour can provide information and sell cars. Ready to create more opportunities to close online sales


Another business that requires a 360 VR Tour is a merchandise store or showroom. In addition to helping to build confidence that we have a real storefront and identity, it also helps expand our customer base around the world. And sell our products like any other online store at any time


Another thing that can not be missed is Selling or renting land Which is one of the real estate businesses that has a lot of interest The reason why there should be a 360 VR Tour is for the convenience of viewing the land. Save time and money in traveling to see the actual location, as it requires careful consideration before making a purchase.


Many times we make the mistake of making a reservation or a banquet room by looking at the pictures on the website. This might not be on the cover, of course, 360 VR Tour solves this problem entirely. With virtual reality technology that allows customers to choose the room or the banquet room by themselves. No matter where you are Any time through online channels And of course, it will definitely help you increase your booking or banquet room!

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